Super Handywoman

by Queen Bee on 05/10/2013

I bought a house 16 years ago that was in tip top condition. And then I never lifted a finger to maintain anything and it sort of fell apart a little. I was afraid to make any changes or upgrades, and was intimidated by working on anything on the house.

A month ago I woke up with a huge crisis in my life and I was suddenly thrown head on into supervising a construction project on an apartment that I was building. My boyfriend had been overseeing the project for me, but one day he was suddenly unable to work on the project and I had to supervise it by myself. It was very scary.

Week by week I learned about construction and plumbing and painting. Cabinets, air conditions and tile. I ordered materials and picked out the designs for everything. I transformed a shell of a building with no walls into a cute two story apartment that starting today is almost finished. My last step is to pass final inspection on Monday.

At first I was scared to death. My whole life I hated going to Home Depot or Lowes. But suddenly I have grown to love going to the stores and looking at all the materials. I’ve even been fantasizing about building my own fence at home. I feel like I am a super handy-woman.

As soon as I install carpet, I will post some pictures of my finished apartment! I am so proud of myself!

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beri blackmoutoh May 10, 2013 at 6:20 am

i am afraid of that kind of thing too….there was a huge leak under my house for years that i was hiding from….finally got my plumber to fix it….congratulations!!!!!


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