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by Queen Bee on 02/19/2013

A couple of years ago, I had a walking blog on the blogspot network in order to encourage me to exercise and be healthy. I’ve always loved to walk but somewhere along the line I fell off the wagon and stopped walking and exercising. I’ve written a little about exercising on this blog, but I’ve decided to start up a blog again that is solely dedicated to walking, health, fitness and wellbeing. So, last night I started a walking blog.

On my new walking and weight loss blog,, I plan on writing about walking, health, decreasing stress, increasing happiness, healthy eating, healthy habits, and exercise. I’m going to use the blog as an excuse to go on walking vacations and take pictures of what I am up to. I am also going to document all of the 100 plus pounds that I WILL lose!

Head on over there and visit me on my blog if you are interested in those topics!! You can also follow my health and fitness blogging on twitter, or on the blog’s Facebook page.

I hope to see you there! I need some moral support, so feel free to leave any comments if you would like!


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