Living Like I’m on a Vacation

by Queen Bee on 02/18/2013

A couple of months ago, I was preparing for an upcoming trip to Mexico and began searching for information on Mayan ruins online. I found an interesting blog about a man who was exploring Mexico and other countries in pursuit of Mayan ruins, but what caught my attention the most was a post that he wrote about gratitude and living out of the country. What really spoke to me was what he said about work:

Living out side of the United States is not for everyone. To do it well it means learning a new language and adapting to cultural differences that are not necessarily comfortable at first. We love it, but I am not happy that the only way to find time and live like human beings is to get out of the Unites States of America. Somewhere along the way the U.S.A. has lost its soul and the human beings who are its citizens have been almost completely transformed into little cogs in the gargantuan machine that is the American corporation. You are required to be producing or consuming, being is unproductive and not profitable, the being part of human is against American corporate policy.

This quote has even more meaning for me since I have returned from vacation and recently started back at work again. While I was on vacation, I had no care in the world other than when, where and how I was going to travel. And then I returned back to work with a whole bunch of miserable people, guided by money, power, prestige, and rude behavior. I am going to make a promise to myself that I will not get caught up in that trap again, and that I am going to enjoy life in much the same way that I did when I was on vacation.

When I was on vacation, I took the time to look at things and pay attention to my surroundings. I sat and took the time to have coffee every morning and think about nothing-the opposite of picking up that Starbucks that I normally drink while I am driving to work and thinking about what I need to get done during that day. Small inconveniences didn’t seem to matter to me while I was traveling. Every night in the hotel, I read about things that interested me and places that I wanted to go to, and I didn’t get caught up in the toxic politics and news stories that I spend way too much time on while I am at home. I wasn’t guided by fear and anxiety. And I actually had the time to sit and meditate for 15 minutes or so every day.

I feel like I have lost 15 years of my life being obsessed by work, power and status. Somehow I lost a piece of myself by being caught up with working, working and working. On the other hand, I’m realizing that being so work centered has now enabled me to have the opportunity to kick back and actually start enjoying life while I am still in my 30s. So now I am going to live it up like I don’t have a tomorrow.

I am going to continue living as if in my head I am still on a vacation. Every day I am going to take the time to have coffee before I leave for work and squeeze in some quiet meditation time during the day. I am going to continue to think about and study things that I am interested in and make a concerted effort to do all of that fun stuff that I have been wanting to do for years. I will no longer think that doing something for myself is a chore or an inconvenience. I’m not going to get caught up in the drama and negativity that seems to swirl all around me. I am going to live life to its fullest.

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beri February 18, 2013 at 7:58 pm

i really like what you are saying here….i remember when i was young….i was so insulted by consumerism…and i was a sales clerk….ha ha….sometimes…i would rather sit in my backyard with my dogs than anything else….i so want to be spiritual…and grateful and compassionate….and to make a difference…w/o getting too exhausted…


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