Hiking on a Sunny Winter Day

by Queen Bee on 12/16/2012

Yesterday I had a really nice hike up a steep hill. Every week I have been trying to go a little farther in my quest to reach the peak, but I’m really proud of my efforts to hike one and a half miles up and down part of the hill. Here is a picture of one of the inclines that I huffed and puffed over:


One our way up the hill, I was really inspired by a man who rode all the way to the top on a mountain bike. If I could only do that one day! Here is a picture of him on one of the flat trails that we briefly walked on:


At one point when we reached halfway, we discovered two wooden lawn chairs that were at the top. We sat, rested, and enjoyed the view of the valley:


And here’s a picture of me sitting in the chair! I’m going to start taking pictures of myself so that I can document my weight loss! It’s so frustrating to see myself in pictures, but I am going to force myself to keep taking them so that I can view my progress!


When we finally ran out of steam (no, we didn’t reach the top yet), we climbed back down to see this relaxing view:


I can’t wait to go back next week!

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beri December 16, 2012 at 8:50 pm

wow….what a great day…!!!


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