Starting a Diet During the Holidays

by Queen Bee on 12/08/2012


As the end of the year approaches, I’m reflecting that another year has come and gone and I still haven’t gotten my health under control. Although I have not gained any more weight, I am still 100 pounds over weight and I have done little to change my habits. Throughout the year I have fallen on and off the wagon, starting exercise plans for a few weeks and then falling off the wagon yet again. However, as the end of the year approaches I feel hopeful and invigorated to try again.

It seems to be a funny time of the year to start a diet considering that Thanksgiving just ended and Christmas is quickly approaching. There are temptations everywhere-from the pies brought into the office to the constant holiday luncheons and parties. It is certainly a difficult time of the year to lose weight, indeed, but somehow I have managed to slowly start to get back on track again. And I am proud about it.

One of my friends that I have been exercising with seems to have slid off the wagon this week. She has been canceling workout sessions and hasn’t been eating healthy every time that I check in with her. The funny thing about the whole thing is that she recently hired a personal trainer and has been nagging me to get back on track. Yesterday when I finished an hour session alone at the gym, she texted me, “We are going to get back on track and have a great 2013!” Speak for yourself, sister! Why wait until 2013 when I can start NOW??

Every year it seems that I gobble down unhealthy food throughout the holidays and swear to myself that I will start anew when the new year starts. Apparently this tactic hasn’t been working so well for me, so I need to try something new. I’m tired of sitting around and waiting for myself to make better decisions, to start dieting and exercising next week, or next month, or tomorrow. I am starting now, right when the temptations are at their highest.

If I have to blog every single day about how horrible my cravings are for that delicious harvest pie at Coco’s, then I will blog every day. If I have to tweet confessions that I want to pig out on fudge or cookies or eggnog or stuffing or (fill in the blank), then I will tweet my heart out! If every single one of my support systems (which I don’t have to seem many, by the way) want to fall off the wagon and wait until January to change their eating and exercise habits, then they can do so, but I will still keep moving forward alone!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! No, wait, I know I can do this!!

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