Taking Care of Me

by Queen Bee on 12/05/2012

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For the past month I have been practically been having a meltdown over my sick dog. A couple of years ago, I lost two of my favorite 15 year old dogs to cancer. Over the past couple of months, my new dog developed a nasty cough, a cough so bad that for three weeks straight I barely slept two hours a night because I was scared to death of her coughing fits. I was afraid of losing another dog so soon after I lost my other dogs. After weeks of the veterinarians not being able to identify her bronchitis, she finally got better. But unfortunately my life had spun out of control.

For the past month I stopped exercising, sleeping and ate the most unhealthy, fatty, sugary foods that I had in a long time. For about six weeks I had developed a habit to exercise frequently, I was eating better, and I was even started to pick up after myself and keep my things in order. I started leaving my dirty dishes laying around and messing up my house that I had worked so hard to try to keep in order. I sent overemotional emails to my boyfriend who is currently out of the country about the dog and every overly emotional complaint that I had about his family.

I finally confessed to our couple counselor that my life was spinning out of control. Once again it seems that I have fallen off the wagon. But as everyone always says, falling off the wagon is not what actually derails our healthy habits. What actually veers us from our path toward a healthy lifestyle is when we don’t get back up and try to get back on the right path. My counselor helped me think of four goals that I could have for myself to get myself back on track. She reminded me that no matter what stressors I have in life, I still need to take care of me.

I set four goals for myself, which were:

  1. Take a walk or a hike four times a week.
  2. Clean up the house.
  3. Eat healthy.
  4. Stop sending dramatic, overly emotional emails to my boyfriend while he is out of the country.

How did I fare this week with my goals? Not so well, but also not so bad. Unfortunately  I only walked twice last week and once this week so far. I managed to wash the dishes somewhat and do the laundry, but I still haven’t vacuumed, straightened up, or cleaned the bathrooms. I pretty much overate all week. Luckily, I managed to control myself and send less dramatic emails, although I do admit to sending one or two bitchy emails about my boyfriend’s brother.

Although I didn’t meet my goals, I am going to continue to work on them this week because as they always say, practice makes perfect. Although I didn’t walk four times, at least I walked more than I did the week before. And this week I’m trying hard to fit in walking. I managed to drag myself out into the dark to walk almost 4 miles after a long and grueling day. I’m definitely going to try to be intentional in working towards improving my mastery on each of the goals that I set for myself. Tomorrow I am planning on waking up and starting the day with good ole oatmeal.

I can do this! I will take care of me.


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